Job Vacancies

Salary :
You get RM3 per advertisement. Foodper company will bank in rm30 to your bank account when you post 10 advertisements. You can post advertisement on :
1) Your facebook wall
2) Your wechat moment
3) Your instagram
4) Facebook page / group that has at least 30,000 members. You may facebook seach "work from home" or "兼职" or "Part-time job". Example at screenshot below :

Job Instruction Steps :
1) Download the picture below :

2) Upload the picture to your facebook / wechat moment / instragram.
3) Write picture description : A new app let u earn rm19,000 monthly, pm me if u are interested. 新app让你每月赚rm19,000,有兴趣就快点来问我。
4) Screenshot your advertisement and send the screenshot and the website link to us at
5) After you sent 10 screenshots and 10 website links to us, then you give your bank account info to us, then we will bank in rm30 to you.

Term & Condition :
1) You will get paid money again from Foodper company EVERY WEEK when you repost the advertisement again to the same website. Do not repost advertisement EVERYDAY, because it is consider as spammed. 1 week repost 1 time is ok.
2) You should not create fake account to post advertisement. You must use your real account to post advertisement, and your real account must have at least 500 friends.
3) If you post advertisement to those Facebook group or page, those group must has at least 30,000 members.
4) Max can earn rm30 per week on this job. You earn rm30 every week if you repost advertisement to the same 10 websites every week.
After you post advertisement photo at Job 1 previously. Then many people will comment "Pm job details please". Then you must reply them. Foodper company pay you RM1 per person that you replied. Example, you replied 100 people per week, so Foodper company will pay rm100 to you.

Salary :
You can earn 2 kinds of salary on this job.
Salary 1 : Foodper company pay RM100 to you when you reply message to 100 people.
Salary 2 : Let's say 10 out of the 100 people register account and start selling food. They everyday sell out RM200 food. So you earn 10 people x RM200 food sales x 5% commission x 7 days = RM700. Foodper company will pay you RM700 every week. It is your passive income! These 10 food sellers sell food every week continuously, and you earn RM700 every week continuously.

Job Instruction 8 Steps :
1) when people comment "Pm job details please", then u just need to copy paste below message to them :
You prefer I explain in English or Chinese or Malay?

2) After he answered the question above, then you choose the language he want as the following screenshots:

Then you copy paste message below to him :
I introduce to you what Foodper company does first ok?
Grab changes all cars become taxi.
Foodper changes all houses become restaurant.
For example, if you mother cook at home everyday, you just need to take photo on the food then upload the food photo to website, then all nearby people will go to your house pick up the food and pay cash.

Foodper give you 3 incomes :
Job 1 : Post Advertisement (RM30 weekly salary).
Job 2 : Reply Customers' Message (RM800 weekly salary).
Job 3 : Sell food at your house (RM700 weekly salary).
Total salary = RM1530 weekly salary. So 1 month salary is RM6120.

We should not working forever, we must aim for financial freedom. Now You can earn PASSIVE income from Job 2 to achieve financial freedom. When your mother and you stop working, you both still earn income every month continuously. 1 week get 10 food sellers, 1 month get 40 food sellers x rm200 sales x 5% commission x 30 days = rm12,000 monthly Passive income. These 40 food sellers sell food every month continuously, and you earn money every month continuously. Let me know if you are interested in this job, then I will teach you how to start working.

3) After he answered the question above, then you follow the screenshot below to copy your affiliate link and send it to him :

4) After you send your affiliate link to him, then you copy paste message below to him :
Please register a new account from my affiliate link above. Let me know after you complete register account, then I will teach you how to start working.

5) After he completed account registration, then you copy paste the message below to him :
To start working, please follow the instruction steps on this page :

6) Print-screen the 1st message and the last message that you sent to him. The screenshots must have date and time. Example screenshot below :

7) Then send the 2 screenshots to us at

8) After you sent 100 screenshots, then you give your bank account number to us. We will bank in RM50 to you.

Term and Condition :
1) If Foodper company caught you are cheating by creating fake account to comment on your own photo and you replied message to your fake account, then your account will be banned forever.
Do you want to open a restaurant but no money?
Open a restaurant is risky. What if no customer and you lose money.
Foodper helps you now. Now you can sell food at

Worry some security issue? Don't worry, you can pass the food to customers and get cash when your house door is locked.

When you sell food at, you earn 90% of food price, your upline earn 5% of food price. Foodper company earn 5% of food price. For example, you sold out your food at RM10, you get cash RM9 only. Foodper company will help you find alot of customers. For example, you got 20 customers per day. RM10 food x 20 customers = RM200 - RM100 food cost = RM100 net profit x 7 days = RM700 salary per week.

Job Instruction 3 Steps :
To sell food in, please follow the steps below :
1) Buy food containers and plastic begs at Tesco / Giant / NSK hypermarket.

2) Put the food into the container and take photo on it. Example pictures below :

3) Follow the steps below to upload your food photo to website :

4) Fill in the food location address above the google map. The customers will go to the food location address to get the food.

5) Send your identity card or electric water utility bill copy to our admin at (Your identity card or water electricity utility bill address must be the same as the food address).

Currently there are 1,000 people registered accounts on the foodper website, but there are only 7 food sellers. So only 0.7% of the members really want to sell food. This is too far beyond the goal of Foodper company. Foodper's goal is that 20% of members sell food, but now only 0.7% of members sell food, so now Foodper company have to adjust its marketing strategy:

You must work for Job 3 (selling food), or you must have a downline (member) selling food, then only you are eligible to work for Job 1 and Job 2.

Recommended :
1) If your mom dont cook at home, you may try to think about what food you want to cook for selling? For example: dessert, noodle soup, porridge and so on.
2) You may ask your relatives or friends if they want to sell food at home.

Conclusion :
Foodper's goal is to make everyone to walk a few steps to get the food from nearby house. No longer use cars and Motorcycle. Reduce air pollution and protect the earth. Foodper company needs you to sell food at home, or your help to find food seller. Everyone is doing their part to protect the earth. And think about how much passive income can you earn if the all 1000 members sell food at home? For example, you currently have 50 downlines (members), so 50 members x rm200 daily food sales x 5% commission x 30 days = rm15,000 passive income. At foodper, you can make money and protect the earth, why not? Let's do it together.

Question : I have done Job 1 and Job 2 at half way, but I not yet get paid my salary, what should I do?
Answer : As long as you submit your works of Job 1 and Job 2 to our admin at before 11.59pm midnight today 10 March 2019, then our admin bank in your salary to your bank account.
Job 1 must done 10 ads, then only you will get paid rm30.
Job 2 must done 50 replies, then only you will get paid rm50.

Note : After 11.59pm midnight today 10-March-2019, you will have to work for Job 3 or you must have a downline (member) to work for Job 3, then only you are qualified to work for Job 1 and Job 2.

Terms and Conditions :
1) The food seller must sell the food that made at home, not at restaurant, then only you are qualified to work for Job 1 and Job 2.
2) If our admin finds that you are taking fake food photos from restaurant or google to cheat us, your account will be blocked permanently . Our admin will verify the food seller's phone number and home address and food to ensure that the address, phone number, and food are all real.


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